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Happy Grazers' Replacement nets come complete with a full knotless net, new cords for lacing to the feeder, a new cinch cord and new cord lock. This netting has been improved from netting offered before 2019 and resized with extra netting added to compensate for age and shrinkage. Our nets cannot be found anywhere else in the US Market as they are made Exclusevely for our feeder.  Made out of a highly advanced form of knotless nettingthat delivers superior strength and performance over conventional netting, The patented process maximizes fiber attributes which eliminates knots. The braids are balanced with a 4 strand constuction and filaments run continuously throughout the netting so strength is enhanced.


  • Introductry shipping offer of $10 shipping per Net kit. Net Kits and parts will ship USPS or UPS ground which ever is most economical for your area. 

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