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Happy-Grazers technology was developed by horse owners with your horses health and happiness always in mind.  Made with the best materials available, the benefits of Happy-Grazers Slow Feeders are numerous and unique.


Horses digestive system was meant to graze slowly over-time. Traditional feeders and feeding schedules disrupt the natural grazing patterns by encouraging horses to gulp their food increasing the possibility of choking, pneumonia or colic.  The equine stomach produces acid 24 hours a day in preparation for constant uptake of forage and it can empty in as little as 15-20 minutes.  Feeding two to three times a day, leaves nothing in the digestive tract to buffer digestive acids. Traditional feeders and feeding causes horses to gulp their food even though they are getting enough food, then having nothing in their stomach and digestive tract until the next feeding, digestive acids in the stomach without forage can cause ulcers.


Happy-Grazers are designed to mimic natural healthy grazing habits in horses.  This is achieved by the use of specially designed nets that eliminate unnatural gulping and gorging. Happy-Grazers also reduce boredom and developed stereotypes such as cribbing, pacing, biting, and depression in stalled horses because they can naturally graze on that same amount of food naturally, safely and longer.   Happy-Grazers make happy healthy horses and happy, worry-free owners who are not wasting money and time by hay tossed on the ground and dirtied that must be cleaned up and thrown away.  


Happy-Grazers are uniquely developed so that shod or unshod horses can safely use graze with no chance of a shod horse getting a hoof stuck and injury.  


Happy-Grazers is available in two different net sizes for the easy or hard keepers.  All equines quickly learn they have food when they want it and pace their eating according to their individual needs.  Hard keepers often gain weight and easy keepers tend to level out.


Our feeders hold up to 2 full bales per feeder (average-sized 2-cord bales).  No more having to get up early, if you don’t want to, because you “have to feed the horses”.  No more having to leave your friends to be home by a certain time because “I have to feed the horses”.  You can set a worry free feeding schedule that meets your individual and equine needs.


Happy-Grazer’s uniquely designed legs keep the feeder and the hay off the ground out of the mud and dust and sand.  However, the legs can be shortened, or completely removed to accommodate the individual size and needs of your grazer.

Learn about more benefits of slow feeding HERE.


Benefits for You

  • Save Time and Money

  • No Wasted Hay

  • No cleanup

  • Efficient and simplifies feeding

  • Horses are always ready to ride and play

  • No rushing out to feed

  • Recommended & Used by Veterinarians

Benefits for Horses

  • Slows down digestion/consumption

  • Promotes Physical & Emotional Health

  • Mimics Grazing Action

  • Keeps insulin levels even

  • Cribbing horses are helped

  • Helps with the prevention of ulcers and colic

  • Obese horses lose weight

  • Thin horses gain weight

  • Horses are never without fiber intake


Let’s geek out on how cool and unique Happy Grazer nets really are.  Our nets are made out of a highly advanced form of knotless netting delivering superior strength, performance and suppleness over any conventional netting. The patented process maximizes fiber attributes eliminating knots. The braids are balanced with a 4-strand construction and filaments run continuously throughout the netting so strength is enhanced.  These nets are so strong they are used for marine purposes resisting the bite and jerk of sharks and seals!


Less twine is used making Happy Grazer net mesh, creating a “net” savings of 50% of the knotless raw material thus reducing the netting bulk without sacrificing strength and handling softness and pliability.


Based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, this advanced fiber has many properties: It is strong, yet light, and on a weight-for-weight basis it is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than arami fibers used in the making of bullet proof vests. 

Synthetic Fibers lose 30 to 60% of their strength when knotted.  This is why our nets are designed with all the fibers aligned maintaining 100% tenacity throughout the mesh intersections.


The unique strand construction produces a very stable twine, which resists fraying and eliminates unraveling 

affects from broken bars.


Because our nets do not use knots thereby eliminating high-spots that results in abrasion and rough surfaces that would irritate a horse’s sensitive muzzle.

Filling the Happy Grazers Slow Feeder

Happy Grazers Corner Feeder in Action

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