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Our Corner Slow Feeder is safe for both Shod and Barefoot horses as the feeder is high enough to not allow pawing and the net does not hang out. It is made of Poly plastic which is able to withstand temperatures of -40 to 120 degrees fahrenheit. It's also non-corrosive, tough and durable and it won't break if kicked by a horse. The back side can be bolted to a wall, with the corner open to keep the tie cord in place.

From the corner of your wall it extends out almost 3' and is 2'8" high. If you're using the corner feeder outside you'll need to add drain holes to the bottom of the feeder. Simply drilling a few holes in the bottom of the feeder and setting it on some 2x4's or bricks works perfectly.


Corner feeder dimensions are 58" Wide x 30" Deep x 30" High.


Happy Grazers Slow Feeder will save TIME and MONEY.

  • Feed your horses every 2-4 days instead of 2-3 times a day.
  • Up to 40% of hay is wasted using traditional feeding methods, save an average of $500-$700 a year per horse with our feeders. Check out the Resources Page to see how much you could save.
  • This slow feeder will allow your horse to "graze" slowly throughout the day and night, just like in nature.
  • Great for all horses: Easy keepers and hard keepers!


Due to the weight and/or oversized packaging of this product, shipping is not available.


  • Happy Grazers' nets cannot be found anywhere else in the US Market as they are made Exclusively for our feeder.  Made out of a highly advanced form of knotless netting that delivers superior strength and performance over conventional netting, The patented process maximizes fiber attributes that eliminate knots. The braids are balanced with a 4 strand construction and filaments run continuously throughout the netting so strength is enhanced.

    You should expect the nets to shrink during initial usage. Nets will shrink up to 50% of the original size and depending on your horse's feeding habits, this will take 3-6 months on average. Once shrunk, the nets will stay at that size for the life of the net. 

    1-1/4" new will become 5/8" - 3/4" shrunk

    1-3/4" new will become 7/8" - 1" shrunk

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